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Support Services

Having an uninterrupted support for any software application is the key to its success.

The above line is most appropriate for a software support service. Having a wonderful software application in place is very good but not having a software support in place to help all users overcome any challenge that might be faced, can be disastrous.

A very important point to note is, any software support program can only succeed if it has been planned meticulously and is in line with the business objectives of the software application and its associated business users. Depending on the importance or usage of the application, a software support helpdesk can be planed for 24x7 schedules or a 16x6 schedule or a 8x5 schedule or a 10x5 schedule. Along with the schedules it is critical to have a well defined process in place which can address all possible scenarios containing a well defined escalation matrix.

"Well begun is half done"

A support program can either be a pure support program which covers only issues/incident management or it can be a combination of issue/incident management along with change management.

Software support helpdesk has got various levels like – Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

VES has capability and expertise in providing Level 2 and Level 3 support.

Level 2 Support

This comprises of a team which knows the software application and its implementation very well. This team is capable of providing quick work arounds, debug at database level, play around with data and play around with the configurations. This team does not get into the source code of the application.

Level 3 Support

This team comprises of technical resources like Software engineers, Technical experts and System engineers. Any incident which Level 2 support team is unable to fix will automatically fall into the basket of this team.

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