"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
- Henry Ford



Why Outsource

Outsourcing has been the buzzword for quite some time now. Still there are apprehensions amongst customers whether it is the right model for them to move forward. Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company’s business process to expert external agencies like VES, thus leveraging the benefits of low cost labor, improved quality, products and service innovation.

In the current era of ever evolving technology landscape, it is difficult for any organization to keep their systems and applications at pace with also ever changing business scenarios.

This scenario can be easily addressed by outsourcing your dynamic needs to external agencies who are experts in that area of work. Doing this enables companies to put proper focus on their area of operations and letting able and outsourced vendors to take care of their software applications and regular support.



VES specializes in providing INNOVATIVE, INVIGORATING and SUSTAINABLE offshore software and mobility solutions to customers worldwide. We not only provide valuable edge to customers with our wonderful and reliable offshore software and mobility services but we also enable customers to forge way ahead of competition by ideating, defining, innovating and implementing key business solutions well in time. This enables customers to achieve ROI as per their defined business plan. Our focus on fineness and things of micro importance, have earned our people great admiration from both our partners and customers alike.


Engagement Models

Our varieties of engagement models, gives us and our customers flexibility to decide how they wish to work with us.

Hire dedicated resource
One of the most sought after model specifically for long term engagements, which gives the customer flexibility to plan their development in iterations and reduces the time for the software to be put into production.

Time & Material (T&M)
A model which is mainly used when the development process is not going to consume the resource full time or when it is not possible to size out the work to be done. T&M model gives the flexibility both to us and the customer to plan for the activity, get work done as per the needs. In this process we maintain complete transparency about the work being done and the amount of time being consumed for an activity.

Fixed time   Fixed price (FTFP)
A model most used when the scope of work is defined and it is possible to size out the efforts and project size. In this we define the scope in consultation with the customer, fine the cost and timeline for the project, and then it is our lookout to ensure timely delivery with desired quality. Any scope creep is measured actively and if mandatory to do, is considered as a change request requiring additional efforts and cost.

Offshore development center (ODC) or Captive unit
This model is used by companies which are looking at setting up their own offshore development center but are not willing to setup their own legal entity in India. We work with such customers and setup their center within our premises as a captive unit or ODC and place our technical team to work according to rules and regulations laid out by the customer.

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