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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have taken the world by storm and with each passing day, every one of us is getting more and more dependent on their smart phones or handheld devices because of the mobile applications available, which enable to perform various tasks anytime anywhere with ease.

Individual users expect their mobile phones to have mobile applications which enable them to entertain by means of playing music, video, social networking, emails, and games and so on.

Similarly organizations whether MSME, SME or enterprises expect their employees to have all the updated information available with them all the time, irrespective of which mobile device each of them uses, which is also known as BYOD (Bring your own device) concept.

At VES, we understand what it takes to build wonderful and usable mobile application for all leading mobile platforms.

Our strength lies in partnering with you through out the mobility journey to help you get the ‘Maximum’ from the apps as per your Customized Needs

Native application development

Android application development

Android has by far the largest market share of all the mobile platforms. Android applications have to be developed using the SDK provided by Google and is based on Java programming language. Android provides facility to do multi-tasking and also lets the developer run multiple threads to perform multiple tasks.

Developers at VES have extensive and in-depth knowledge of Android SDK and have the capability to develop different varieties of applications.

iOS application development

iOS has the second largest market share of all the mobile platforms. Developers at VES utilize the latest iOS SDK and OSX standards while developing wonderful iPhone and iPad based applications.

Windows Phone application development / Metro application development

Windows Phones have been catching people’s fancy off late with the launch of its latest Win 8.x Operating System.

We at VES trained ourselves to the ever changing and ever evolving mobile market. With this we expanded our capability to develop and deliver applications for Windows Phones as well by using the Windows Phone SDK

Cross platform mobile application development

Cross platform mobile applications enables you to create an application with one source code which can then be deployed on multiple platforms. Cross platform mobile applications provide several advantages over native apps, like

  • Develop and maintain only one source code
  • Reduces the cost of development
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance
  • Reduces the overall cost of ownership
  • Reduces the time required to go to Market

We at VES are well conversant with frameworks that enable to create these types of applications.

Below are some areas where VES has good expertise in designing and developing mobile applications irrespective of mobile platform.

  • CRM on mobile
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Entertainment applications
  • Social networking applications
  • Chat applications
  • Geo location based applications
  • Utility applications
  • DLNA based applications
  • + many more
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