We design Databases so they are efficient,
scalable and extensible

Database development & optimization

With ever growing complex Business Scenarios, storage and management of Data is becoming increasingly complex and the need for Applications to process data and display appropriately and that too with in appreciable time frame, is ever increasing. Thus, Data and Database (whether Relational or Big Data) is probably the most important component of any conceivable Software Application.

We at VES employ all the relevant skills that are required for defining, designing, developing and implementing high performance Databases.

What we do

  • Database Design
  • Database Development
  • Database Migration
  • Database Optimization
  • ETL process
"Our team enables to store data optimally and correctly as We Do Smart Data Management"

Database Design

DB Design is like putting a solid foundation to a building. If the foundation is strong and correct the building built on top of it will of good quality. We follow the same principle when designing any new Database.

Database Development

DB Development requires appropriate SQL skills. We at VES employ skilled and experienced SQL developers to the database development tasks.

Database Migration

DB Migration is a specialized skill. Your existing application could be on a primitive DBMS or an older version of RDBMS. We will help you migrate this appropriately to correct Database, without losing the essence of your data. We ensure that along with Database, the Data is migrated successfully with data consistency and integrity.

Database Optimization

You could be facing performance bottlenecks in your existing Database(s). There could be several scenarios and reasons why the database is not performing optimally. We at VES work with you to identify possible causes and prepare probable approach plan. Bottlenecks could be at two levels i.e. either at the design level or because of ill formed SQL statements. We dig into details and prepare probable solution approaches, which we discuss with stake holders and take appropriate action accordingly.

ETL Process

ETL stands for – Extract, Transform & Load. We work with you to understand the source from where the data needs to be extracted. We then apply the process to transform data according to the need by applying standard tools and then load the data correctly.

Do write to us for your needs related to DB Design, DB Development, DB Migration, DB Optimization and ETL processes / jobs.

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